Building A Customer Avatar: Find Out Everything About Your Ideal Customer And Be A Better Marketer [Sample Avatar Included]


Building A Customer Avatar: How To Find Out Everything About Your Ideal Customer [Sample Avatar Included]

Think about this. If you were a guy going out on a date with someone and you did some good research before that. How fast do you think your partner would connect with you if you only talked about things you know she likes talking about? You’ll end up impressing her, making her feel confident about spending more time with you. Well, that’s exactly what a Customer Avatar helps you with. It enables you to laser target your communication to your customers using all the information you’ll gather, while not being tagged as a stalker(unlike in the dating example).

Deepak did an amazing job again in explaining why a customer avatar is important. Building an Avatar is like Step 0 in building a digital marketing business that makes you ₹1 crore in revenue. If you haven’t checked out the 7 step process to achieve that, click here to read that post.

However, no matter how well you know your customer, if you shy away from confidently communicating your understanding about their situation and the solutions you can provide, then your hard work put into gathering all data and deciding on a specific customer avatar goes to waste!

So before we get into how you can build one for yourself, here are 3 things you must know before you communicate to your ideal customer in a way that makes them fall in love with you!

1. First of all, know how to become a better marketer:- A better marketer is always one who’s had more life experiences than others. Marketing requires you to tell stories, sound relatable and connect on a mental level with your customer. When you explore anything you feel like trying out, you’ll always end up learning something you can use in your future campaigns.


Some of Deepak’s suggestions that you must not avoid if you want to become a better marketer are:-

  • Travel more often. Going places and meeting new people is an amazing way to generate more ideas
  • Learn new languages, musical instruments and anything that lets you dive into different cultures or artforms.
  • Keep finding new ways of doing common things. For example:- Finding a less time-consuming way of cooking Tandoori Chicken. Having that mindset not only adds to your experiences but also sharpens your creativity.

2. Know your target audience:- The only thing I’m sure about customer behaviour is that it will change before you know. A single addition to the features of a Google Pixel that makes one’s life easy may make him/her shift from using an iPhone. To be able to survive as a business or marketer it’s extremely important to listen to and interact with your customers. 

If everyone’s your audience, no one’s your audience!


Social listening tools will give you facts about customers from a general point of view. But the more direct interaction you have with your existing or potential customers. Here’s what’s recommended for you to always keep learning more about your customers:-

  • Take surveys to start with. Use it for building your avatars and collecting feedback about your content and brand(it’s the method Deepak uses).
  • If you’re at an early stage in your journey, make phone calls to your prospects and customers to gather some personal feedback.
  • Use messaging to send out personalised content and solutions to the masses that you think might be helpful for your customer avatar. Also try out modern community building tactics like having Facebook groups that are open for posting opinions, doubts and suggestions.

3. Know what’s common about great communicators:- Ever heard of the saying “Success Leaves Clues”? Most of the greatest communicators indeed have unique ways of touching their audience’s hearts but there are some commons. Follow these ways of communicating and eventually you will too figure out your unique style:-

  • Even in e-mails and social media posts, talk as if you’re talking to only one person.
  • Address people by their first name to grab attention at the get-go.
  • Join on mental level conversations as it’ll help you persuade someone, something that’s very important in marketing.

Now that you know how to communicate, let me share with you the simple tips that Deepak asked us to not ignore before building out our customer avatar using surveys:-

  • Use an interactive survey tool like TypeForm or Survey Money. However, since these tools will only let you ask up to 10 questions on the free version, consider using Google Forms.
  • If you’re wondering why not just ask 10 questions? It doesn’t work that way. You need to be extracting as much information as possible from your customers to be able to decide on an ideal avatar. Ask at least 15 questions. On my customer avatar survey, I asked 21 questions and it helped in gaining clarity.
  • Asking about demographics, backstories, career preferences, finances, goals and purchase behaviour are extremely important elements of the survey. 

To give you guys a clearer idea of what I’ve been trying to say so far, here’s my customer avatar:-


Aayush Mohanty is a 20-year-old college student from Bhubaneswar. He makes less than 1,00,000/year. His hobbies include reading books and watching videos online. He spends a lot of time on Youtube and IGTV and has a paid subscription of Netflix. He’s an ambivert and loves to travel and have experienced. He’s quite self-aware about his skills that have a demand in the market but just don’t know how to monetize them. It doesn’t matter to him if he becomes an entrepreneur or works under one. Before buying anything online, he considers the price, delivery/solution speed and social proof(reviews) of the product. 

I know for a fact that now if I do all of my marketing communication keeping my Ideal Customer avatar in mind I will get better results. Most of that will happen because I’ll sound more personal and relatable.

If you’re wondering what questions I asked to build this out for myself then check out my survey by clicking here.

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