An Expert’s Prescription For ₹1 Crore In Revenue With Digital Marketing In India: 7 Steps To Get Started With!

We’ve all come across clickbait titles about Digital Marketing in India that make huge promises to lure you into an article, only to disappoint you 2 minutes later. 

Don’t you hate it?!

Well, if you think this is one of them, then get ready to be surprised!

I am just a 19-year-old Digital Marketer who’s about to share whatever he picked from the first class of the Digital Marketing Internship Batch 3 by a top digital marketer in India, DigitalDeepak! Coming to the figure “₹1 crore”, we were asked to set that as our target revenue in by the next 3 years. It did seem too far fetched of a dream at first but 60 minutes into the class and our minds were blown!

Here’s why you shouldn’t skip this:- Getting into this training program can be tough for some as it comes with a decent price tag. But fortunately for you, we candidates were allowed to post our key takeaways from the first class, something a non-intern can never get access to unless it’s someone like you who’s about to read this through.

So, give me 5 mins to tell you the secrets that are super simple to understand and yet go unnoticed by most of the marketers getting started on their journey. If you’re a beginner entrepreneur running or planning to run a start-up, this process will save you from being in the 14% that fail due to bad marketing. 

Before we start it’s important to deliver an important disclaimer to you. Everything seems simple in theory. If you’re truly committed to seeing a decent digital marketing income or business growth, you’re required to put in your sincere efforts consistently and with patience. Read and understand what I learnt but most importantly, implement!

Here we go:-

  1. Understand Basic Economics:- Just think about it, why does Japan’s economy grow at a slower rate than India? Sure, there are hundreds of factors in play here. But one of the most important reasons is that the average age of an Indian citizen is much lower than a citizen in Japan. This clearly means that our economy will keep growing this way for years to come. 

This was the very first lesson Deepak gave us. He mentioned his business’s example of how it continues to grow its profits despite the pandemic situation, simply because he’s got his economics right before anything else. 

Here’s another cool fact, the rapid growth of internet penetration in India means that the size of the digital marketing industry will keep expanding along with the economy, and so will the scope. Self-educate by referring to books like Economics 101, Currency Wars and follow authors like Paul Krugman, Adam Smith and Raghuram Rajan. That knowledge is the only thing that’ll save you in times of the worst recessions.

“Don’t worry about recessions. People will always pay if you offer good value.”

  1. Develop “The Key Skill”, Communication:- No matter what business you’re in if you can’t create lasting conversations with your prospects and customers, and if trying to persuade and sell your idea/product to someone makes you uncomfortable then chances of you succeeding as a marketer are slim.

Mastering verbal, written and visual communication will always give you an edge over your competitors regardless of what industry you operate in.

As the Godfather of social media and content marketing, Gary Vaynerchuk popularly says, “attention is the currency in this era”, and guess what gets you that attention? Consistent communication using content!

 Deepak did an amazing job in highlighting some of the simplest yet powerful habits that’ll help one build great communication skills which will further help is building amazing content. The habits include:-

  • Writing at least 500 words a day. Start with a personal blog if you aren’t able to decide what to write on.
  • Listen to podcasts and read books for at least 30 mins a day
  • Watch English sitcoms if you want to specifically improve at the language(but don’t binge-watch).
  • Observe stand up comedians and the way they culture hack their way into the hearts of the audience.
  1. Figure Out If There’s A Demand:- Remember I was talking about 14% of new businesses failing because of bad marketing?

You know what?

42% fail because they come up with products or services that do not have any existing demand in the market!

Luckily for us, we belong to a generation where we can get basic information about market demand in any industry or even about specific products. All it takes is clicks of a few buttons. The top recommendations by Deepak for doing so are:-

  • Use google auto-suggest. Just type in your keyword and let it suggest to you what possible phrases you might be searching for. The phrases it shows are actually the exact words your prospects are typing on google.
  • Refer to AnswerThePublic.com
  • Read Amazon reviews to understand what value a specific product adds that makes the customer happy. Also, look for what changes or additions do the reviewers expect.
  • Talk to your existing customers and take feedback if you’re already running a business.
  1. Power Of Integrated Digital Marketing:- Digital marketing at times can be tricky especially when it comes to its implementation and projection of results. One of the eye-opener statements during the class was that it’s impossible to expect great results until we take an integrated approach.
image of a mindmap of integrated digital marketing system by digitaldeepak

An integrated approach simply means developing different Digital Marketing skills and combining them to build a brand that’s omnichannel by strategy. The skills include

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Sales and Conversion Optimisation
  1. The “CATT” Mechanism:- This mechanism will follow your integrated digital marketing strategy. Once you’re done creating it will also act as a foundation for building a Sales Funnel. In India, it’s important to take a customer-centric approach with digital marketing because customers here care a lot about how they are valued. This system helps you do exactly that. It is similar to the marketing concept of AIDA, invented by Elmo Lewis. However, this seems more relevant in the current digital marketing environment CATT stands for:-
  • Content- To make people aware of what you do
  • Attention- Doing activities to capture and retain the attention of customers
  • Trust- In order to build interest among the audience about your product, you must work on building “MASS TRUST”.
  • Transaction:- Finally, doing the call to action and making them pull their wallets out of their pockets.  
  1. How A Sales Funnel Can Help?:- As the world rapidly grows technologically, the number of options available to any customer for even just one product category is huge, making it difficult for you to just go out there and sell your ideas, no matter how good a communicator you are.

Building and optimising a sales funnel for your business can be complex at times but it can’t be ignored. Especially, when you know you have to deal with digital customer acquisition.

Follow these simple steps of the 5As that Philip Kotler introduced in his book Marketing 4.0 to start building your first funnel

  • Aware- In the first step of the funnel, build awareness about yourself and your product by driving traffic to your content and social media
  • Appeal- Stay consistent with your value delivery by provided free resources as lead magnets and retain their attention.
  • Ask- Let your prospects ask you questions through different media, take feedback, show testimonials and handle their objections in an automated way using VSLs and social proof on the sales funnel
  • Action- The fourth stage is where they take an action like buying your product or joining a webinar.
  • Advocate- As Deepak said “Build Brand Ambassadors” for your business. This creates advocates for your products and further creates a word of mouth impact!
  1. Grow Your Business WIth A Personal Brand:- Answer me. Which of these influences your purchase decision while buying a phone:- Photos and description of the features on Amazon? Or a hands-on review by a trusted tech YouTuber who’s talking positively about the device?

Most of you will agree that it’s the second option. It’s because people buy based on emotions, not logic. Knowing that humans are the only sales machines with the power to use emotions to persuade, there should be no doubt in your mind about why a personal brand is important.

For example, Deepak started DigitalDeepak.com years back and has been delivering value and products to his audience since. He has over the years defeated multiple bigger Digital Marketing companies in India by leveraging his strong personal brand.

The best known will always beat the best”


If you thought this post had something of value then go ahead and put some of your feedback in the comments. Check out our Social Media Consultation and Training services at Brandgrapher.com. And also don’t forget to stay updated about the Digital Marketing industry by reading blog posts at DigitalDeepak.com.

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  1. This is a brilliantly written article Piyush. Perfect combination of review, feedback and techniques. I enjoyed reading it. Appreciate your profound understanding and passion for digital marketing..keep moving ahead. Sky is not the limit for you!

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